Maximum Gratuity Limit in UAE

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How to Calculate Gratuity as per UAE Law

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Dubai Gratuity Law

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MOHRE Gratuity Calculator

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DDA Calculator

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How to Compute Gratuity Dubai

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End of Service Calculator UAE

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Dubai Gratuity

Dubai, the glittering city of towering skyscrapers and endless sunshine, also holds a hidden treasure for its workforce: gratuity. This end-of-service benefit, mandated by UAE labor law, acts as a financial safety net for employees when their time with a company comes to an end. But navigating the nuances of gratuity calculations can feel like … Read more

DDA Gratuity Calculator

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Computing Gratuity in UAE

Gratuity, also known as end-of-service pay, is an earned benefit granted to employees in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) upon the termination of their employment. It is a mandatory right enshrined in the UAE Labor Law and serves as a financial safety net for employees after years of service. Who’s entitled? All private sector employees … Read more