Sample Letter to Claim Gratuity in UAE 2024

If you’re preparing to claim your End-of-Service entitlements and require a well-structured sample letter to request gratuity, you’re in the right place. This guide provides a comprehensive format and writing pattern to facilitate a smooth process. Before drafting your application for the HR Department, ensure you have gathered essential details such as job start and end dates, service duration, employee ID card number, and necessary accompanying documents. Additionally, utilize our user-friendly online gratuity calculator to estimate your entitlement amount accurately.

Application Format for Request Letter for Release of Gratuity Payments:

To: The Human Resource Manager, [Company Name], [Company Address], [Date]

Subject: Request for Gratuity Payment


I, [Your Name], have served in your esteemed company as [Your Job Title] for [Duration of Employment], with employee ID [Your Employee ID]. Having familiarized myself with government policies and Labor Law regulations regarding workers’ rights for End-of-Service benefits, I am confident in my eligibility for gratuity entitlement. Therefore, I humbly request the release of my gratuity payments in accordance with due process.

Looking forward to your kind attention to this matter.

Regards, [Your Name] [Your Signature]

Sample Letter to Claim Gratuity Fund Upon Resignation:

To: The HR Admin, [Company Name], [Company Address], [Date]

Subject: Request for Gratuity Payment


In accordance with the Gratuity Act 1972, I am writing to claim my End-of-Service benefits for my tenure at your esteemed company from [Start Date] to [End Date]. Having completed a minimum of five years of service, I recently resigned from my position on [Date of Resignation]. I have completed all necessary formalities and have enclosed the requisite documents for your perusal. I kindly request expedited processing of my application to ensure a timely conclusion of the due process. Your prompt attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Regards, [Your Name] [Previous Designation] [Contact Number] [Your Signature]


For further information on your End-of-Service entitlements, please refer to our blog section. Feel free to reach out to us with any queries; our team is available 24/7 to assist you with your gratuity payment concerns.

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